Proposals Index

Here is the proposals index. We are updating this index regularly so if you have any comments please click on the project reference. Or if you want to see something improved in Congleton have your say.

PS001Upgrade footpath alongside A34 Padgbury Lane to Little Moreton Hall
PS002Create a cycle way to link Lawton Street to Wallworths Bank
PS004Edinburgh Road – Replace steps with a ramp
PS005Make Ullswater Road a 20 mph speed limit
PS006Signage to remind drivers to leave 1.5m when overtaking a cyclist.
PS008Improving Lawton Street pavement
PS010Replace steps with ramp to the canal
PS011Re-instate footpath by library
PS012Verge between Mountbatten Way carriageway and shared-use path.y
PS013Make Market Square 2 way for cycles
PS014Daisybank Drive – reduce through traffic
PS015Townsend Road – Tarmac steep section
PS017Newcastle Road – traffic calming
PS018Daven Road – prevent through traffic
PS019Lawton Street – widen pavement where there are double yellow lines
PS020Loachbrook Avenue to Blythe Avenue – upgrade footpath.
PS021Replace steps with ramp between canal and BVW
PS022Mountbatten Way – add audible warning to pedestrian crossing
PS023Market Square – add disabled and resident parking
PS024Mill Street pedestrian crossing
PS025High Street remove parking bays
PS026Newcastle Road widen pavement
PS027Improve pedestrian/cycle access on Barn Road
PS028Lawton Street make 20mph