PS001 – A34 Padgbury Lane to Little Moreton Hall

The A34 to Childs Lane and beyond is a popular route for cyclists but is unsuitable for many recreational cyclists. Upgrading the footpath to a 3m shared walk/cycle way from Padgbury Lane to Little Moreton Hall would open access to this popular location to many cyclists including children.

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    • Fantastic idea & location
    • This is long overdue.  The width here on the west side of Newcastle Rd gives potential for a generously wide shared-use path.  The side entrances need dropped kerbs to make it easier for any wheels (wheelchairs, mobility scooters, pushchairs, cycles).  Strangely these dropped kerbs exist on the path on the eastern side. 

      Shared use may not create much conflict between pedestrians and wheeled users in some sections, since more people walk along the eastern side between Astbury village and the town end.   There is more potential for shared issues between the village and the garden centre, but given the amount of land available could surely be addressed?

    • Agreed. If the cycle lane was segregated rather than shared use would get a strongly agree.
    • This would greatly improve the safety of all road users along this section of the A34.
    • This road is a key thoroughfare into Congleton and gives access from the town to many quieter country lanes, businesses and little Moreton hall  but cycling along here is unpleasant. The cars are quick moving and when the cars enter the central  chevrons to overtake, it creates a lot of dust.
      If I had children I would probably discourage them from cycling along this road. The road is easily wide enough to improve the pavement so it can be shared by cyclists and pedestrians. To help avoid conflicts, having a painted segregation (such as opposite rood hill, towards the fire station) may help.