PS014 – Reduce through traffic on Daisybank Drive

Prevent traffic from using Daisybank Drive as a though route from the A34 by blocking off access at Giantswood Lane. Will increase pedestrian safety and reduce pollution.


This is an utterly stupid idea. As a resident of Daisybank Drive for over 20 years, I do not wish to lose the ability to exit onto Giantswood Lane. Blocking the road there will just force more traffic onto the junction of Giantswood Lane and the A34 where movement is already difficult due to a high volume of parked vehicles. With the building of the link road, there will be a natural reduction in the volume of traffic that uses Daisybank Drive as a rat-run (not that I think it’s that much of an issue anyway – I certainly don’t have problems getting in and out of my drive!).

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