PS017 – Traffic calming for Newcastle Road

As I am sure you are well aware the traffic on the road has always been bad with people regularly speeding. During lockdown when I have been walking the dog, speeds have been well over 50-60 mph. Can I please request that as part of this work you also look at introducing pavement widening, traffic calming to this stretch and in doing so encourage those living on Ennerdale drive, the Mount and other roads to be able to walk, ride on Newcastle road without fear of being killed every time you set out.

Please vote for how you feel about this suggestion.




  • I myself recently registered a complaint with the council regarding this issue. As a new resident to the Mount, with 4 children under 10 to get to school (Quinta) I am fearful of taking them across or along Newcastle road after witnessing numerous drivers going dangerously above the speed limit with seemingly no care for the safety of other road users or pedestrians. I would be fully supportive of wider pavements, calming measures such a speed humps, & even traffic lights or pedestrian crossing.  What scares me the most is the fact that even large HGV’s break the speed limit, not only causing huge danger to us when on foo or bike, but also causing tremendous noise (road surface also terrible which doesn’t help) in our property.
  • It’s dreadful people drive far too fast round a blind bend.
  • Fully agree that the current situation is unacceptable and we have complained regularly on the Cheshire East Highways website with regard to the road surface as well as the speeding.

    A wider pavement will be welcomed.

    I do however caution against traffic calming measures such as speed humps. These are one of the most polluting forms of traffic calming due to the particulate emissions during braking and the NOx emissions caused by the acceleration and following braking. This is a health issue that if monitored would cause great concern. Speed humps will also shake the houses to a greater extent than now as HGVs are still going to use this road and the empty vehicles will be extremely loud crashing over the humps.

  • I couldn’t agree more with this. If things continue as they are then it’s not a matter of if but when someone is seriously injured or killed!

    I am amazed at how many people speed in here and not just by a few cheeky mph! I’m sure some people think this is a 1/4 mile drag strip, even the wagons at night are doing speeds well in excess of the limits!  Please do something about this ASAP! If it’s a matter of funding then I would gladly pay for a speed camera if I can keep the revenue as I’m pretty sure the business case would show a payback within hours!!!

  • Traffic needs to slow down on this stretch of road before someone gets seriously hurt .

  • Our house physically shakes when HGV’s hurtle around the corner next to the entrance to the Mount.

  • I agree that measures need to be taken to slow down traffic as when walking on the footpath you feel unsafe due to the high speed of the vehicles that are passing. If Padgbury  Lane is pedestrianised then this will make matters even worse, as the volume of traffic will increase.

  • I would welcome wider footpaths and pedestrian traffic lights but would not support speed humps in any form

  • By putting a traffic light controlled crossing between Sandy Lane ( near Ennerdale Estate) and the Mount would not only provide a safe means of crossing the road for pedestrians but would also act as a traffic calming measure.

    Also cutting back foliage on the bend by the Mount entrance would help visibility when turning left out of there.

  • Quite scary at times walking along the road

  • I live on the mount, the speed at which vehicles travel around the bend makes it very dangerous to exit the Mount.The noise and vibration from the poor road surface at these speeds physically shakes our property.

  • I agree people drive far to fast

  • This would make walking with children on this road much safer and I strongly support this initiative.


  • Traffic calming needs to be considered here. I have friends with children in The Mount who do not feel safe walking to school.

  • The road needs completely resurfacing and a speed camera installing to deter people accelerating off the roundabout. Our house stakes at night because of the speed the trucks travel at and the poor road surface. The council are aware of this but do nothing about it. If they cannot maintain their existing roads and pavements how are they going to maintain new ones.

  • We live on this road it is incredibly dangerous. We see examples of reckless driving such as speeding. drivers using mobiles and overtaking on a daily basis.

    HGV and farming vehicles thunder along the road day and night at excessive speeds. Pedestrians and cyclists are not safe and pulling out of our own drives is hazardous.

  • I live on Newcastle Road. I had hoped the congestion and volume of traffic would be helped by the Bypass currently being built, removing vehicles and large lorries from the A34.

    Why the bypass did not continue from Sandbach Road to the A34 I have no idea, particularly with the large number of new estates being built in this part of town.

    Having roads such as Padgbury Lane closed to through traffic will only increase the congestion on the A34, diverting more traffic down to the roundabout from all directions.

    Heavy delivery lorries do indeed shake the road and houses nearby due to their weight. I have always thought a speed camera would be the only thing to deter this, all traffic bumps will do is create louder banging from lorries as they apply breaks, which will create pollution.

    When we moved here the traffic never backed up past the Ennerdale estate, now it continues up past the mount, round the bend and past Padgbury Lane.

    In order to remove this pressure, why was the bypass not continued to the A34 which would surely fully connect all the major roads. I am certainly opposed to Padgbury Lane becoming ‘though traffic only’, I use the Petrol station there.

    All Lorries should be removed form town, unless they are delivering in the centre, and the way to achieve that is by continuing the new bypass.

    Furthermore, if you are going to have any traffic lights for pedestrian crossing they need to be at the roundabout, which would also regulate the flow of traffic on the four roads that meet there.

  • The volume and speed of traffic along this stretch of Newcastle Rd is problematic and I’d welcome any speed reduction measures (excluding speed humps).

    A pedestrian crossing would be very useful around the entrance to Sandy Ln to help cross the road safely. At the moment it feels very dangerous trying to cross the road here with the children when walking to school.

    Widening of footpaths would also be welcomed to make walking safer. Parts of the road (EG around the Mount bend) have narrow footpaths, this mixed with high volumes of traffic travelling at high speeds makes walking unsafe with children.

  • Strongly agree that the speed in this section of Newcastle Road should be reduced Perhaps even to 20 mph during school times.

    The blind bend near The Mount is particularly dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians as both the road and pavement are very narrow.

    There should be a sign warning of the sharp bend and cyclists.

    A number of cars have miscalculated the bend and crashed in to the fencing as evidence of this.

    The wagons speeding day and night is terrible especially through the bend and past the narrow traffic island where people cross or wait to cross with children and pets going to school or visiting astbury mere.

    Finally, both the road service and the pavements need improving as the pot holes could cause accidents for both road users and pedestrians.

    Thank you for raising this serious issue, which everyone is aware of especially the council, who have chosen to do nothing about.

  • Pavements inadequate in this area.

  • Rather than putting such measures in place, surely 1 or even 2 speed cameras would not only reduce speeds but also provide a source of revenue. Anything more permanent should wait until the effects of he link Road are known.

  • Fully support this proposal.

  • I do agree that there needs to be some sort of traffic calming put in place particularly if the proposed closure of Padgbury Lane to through traffic is put in place. This is something I do not agree with as this will have a significant impact on traffic on both Newcastle Road and Sandbach road.

    As a resident living on Newcastle Road and having brought up my  children living on this road I would not be happy for a pedestrian crossing /s to be put in place for Sandy Lane & the Mount – this would increase the air pollution for residents on Newcastle Road with constant stop start traffic not to mention the constant noise from such a crossing – so, no thanks to that one & I feel very strongly about this.

    At the moment the island in the middle of the road from Newcastle Road and Sandy lane is effective and makes crossing safer but it would be much improved if traffic speeds were much slower. People crossing from the Mount entrance just need to walk down the road to be able to cross in a safer place. It will always be dangerous to cross the road near the mount crossing as it is a blind corner.

    Yes pavement widening would help to improve the safety for walkers and cyclists on parts of Newcastle Road, mainly on the narrow parts as you are leaving Congleton past the Mount turning.

    In my opinion the best place to implement traffic lights on Newcastle Road would be at the roundabout that meets Newcastle, Sandbach & Holmes Chapel roads to control the flow of traffic onto the roundabout, which would help with the back log of traffic coming from these other main roads and thus help with traffic calming.

    The only real way to calm traffic is to put in speed cameras. These should be on the main stretch of  road as you approach & leave Congleton This is where traffic speeds far exceed the 30 mph and is in my opinion where an accident / fatality is waiting to happen.

    The link road that is currently under construction should be extended to the A34 – this would have enabled all of these issues to of been taken into consideration more effectively – in my opinion this has been very shortsighted with regards to the longevity and effectiveness of the link road.

    Residents in the Newcastle Road area will not benefit from the link road and if you close Padgbury Lane you will create another bigger and more damaging (environmental) issue.

    Please think very carefully about everyone and how theses decisions impact on peoples lives and properties.

  • I am in total agree with the statement. We live closer to the Tesco roundabout on Newcastle Rd and the speeding traffic off the roundabout is horrific we take our life in our hands exiting our drive.

  • There is no doubt that it is becoming more difficult and dangerous to turn left from the housing estates along the stretch from the roundabout and Fol Hollow and turning right can be a nightmare. In part this is the result of increasing amounts of traffic but cars in particular clearly exceeding the speed limit make it worse. I would like to see something done. From personal experience elsewhere I find that signs which indicate one’s speed act as a good reminder. How about a couple of these? Surely they can’t be that expensive.
  • A 20 mph speed limit from Padgbury lane to the roundabout with speed camera to enforce it would be a good start. I was nearly knocked of pavement this morning by vehicle exceeding speed limit and too close to kerb so wider pavements are a must Pedestrian crossing between the Mount and Ennerdale where elderly people are crossing sign is would also be helpful. No measures for pedestrianising Padgbury Lane should be taken without measures being taken on Newcastle Road. Nobody should suffer for the benefit of others

  • I’ve always thought this area would benefit from the Poynton Treatment in miniature. A widened pavement on the Solly Crescent side of Newcastle Road could meet a lengthened refuge which meets a widened pavement on the Sandy Lane side.

  • In addition to the comments already posted, I would like to echo the person wanting the foliage cut back on the blind bend.  Cycling around this bend is unpleasant with the speed of traffic and the foliage is an extra hazard.  Surely it can be taken right back to the wall?

  • Something needs to be done on this stretch road as a matter of urgency. If properly costed ie not just the direct cost of an accident but also the indirect costs of delays to other road users  I would suspect that the savings from avoiding just one accident would easily cover the cost of installing a speed indicating device. Reducing speeding should also help to reduce pollution.

  • Totally supported


  • This would be an excellent opportunity to create a safe crossing from Astbury Mere Country Park to Solly Crescent. This would make NCN573, from the town centre to West Heath, viable.
  • Mobile speed cameras would definitely help, although I am against the use of speed humps, as driving across them everyday, has a damaging effect on suspension components and also would slow the response of emergency vehicles.

  • Totally agree with most of the proposed changes.

    As a newish resident to Newcastle Road with very young children the level and speed of the traffic is excessive and really worries me. Our house physical shakes when HGVs go past especially when the rattle down the road.

    The pavement is very narrow in stretches and I struggle  with my double pram so defiantly think a pavement upgrade would be a very welcomed idea.

    The idea of speed bumps I think won’t overally make much difference, people speed between to make up for lost time, plus they cause damage long term to vechiles and if I’m going over them 3/4 times a day I don’t really want my vechiles suffering, if we can implement  a more effective less damaging solution. Plus is slows emergency response times down too which I’m sure everyone will agree is not something we want to impact on.

    Speed cameras again I welcome, but the same as speed bumps people tend to just break for them so are these really effective? Especially if they travel frequently down that stretch of road people get familiar with where they are. Maybe mobile cameras which can be moved along would be more effective.

    The closure of Padgbury Lane would have a detrimental effect  to the petrol Station, and I am a firm believer in supporting local businesses and helping our community.

    Maybe putting a traffic light system in at the Padbury lane/ astbury mere  junction would be more effictive and slow down the speed of traffic and also help with the flow, as I know that is a really busy junction and people struggle to pull out which would help with the flow of traffic on Padgbury lane too.

  • The traffic should Be much improved following the opening of the link road we need to see the positive impact of this new road before we spend tons of money on this area.

  • This stretch of road would be ideal for a speed camera on the stretch in from Padgbury Lane to the Waggon and Horses roundabout. Vehicles are often travelling at well above the speed limit in both directions, overtaking on a blind bend. It is inevitable that at some point there is going to be an accident.

  • We live on Newcastle Road, and it is probably the most dangerous road that we have ever lived on.  Trying to drive out of our driveway onto the road is taking our own lives at risk.  The speed that some cars and lorries drive down our road is horrific.  On more than one occasion it has been luck rather than good judgement that we have not been in a serious accident due to this problem.

    We would welcome any sort of traffic calming, maybe speed cameras, as the way that it stands at the moment, it is only a matter of time before someone either gets seriously injured or worse.

  • I fully support any proposal that will make this stretch of the A34 safer.

    Once proposal are actioned to route many more vehicles along the A34 there is an increased likelihood of accidents. We have a 30mph speed limit which nearly  everybody  exceeds because they are aware it is not enforced in any way. The existing footpath are not fit for purpose and have been patched up over many years .The  existing crossing places near Sandy lane are frequently affected by flood water during heavy rain , which is not ideal for anybody trying to cross the road.

    On the subject of the road surface we frequently hear lorries thundering through even though we live 100 yards away. I have been trying to get the road surface repaired near to Westbourne house for several months, but is over 3 months since the inspection and nothing has been done.


  • Please can you enforce the speed limit on this road. That is the main issue. getting everyone to adhere to 30mph would solve many of the problems without creating new ones. Closing Padgbury lane to through traffic is the worst idea and solves no problem at all. It just shifts it up the road where there are already other issues. Ideal scenario. Start enforcing the speed limits (across all of Congleton for that matter) and spend the money extending the link road so its built as it should have always been to the A34.

  • Whilst I am sympathetic to the comments below, a more holistic solution is required in which a by-pass to the south of the town, complimenting the new by-pass being built to the north off the town, is required.

    Many of the traffic calming proposals will elevate the congestion in this area with attendant pollution risk to the residents.

  • I think this is a great idea

  • Good place for an average speed check.

  • 100{72c9b228f72c6947c353efd0c4fd57a9bb0b8871b19ca465d44d250e3e23d96f} agree. This road is literally an accident waiting to happen where a pedestrian or other motorist will get killed

  • Average speed cameras need to be in operation. With a speed limit of 20mph.

    There is no point in having police speed checks as all the motorists do is flash other cars. It would be helpful if a crossing could be installed, however if people stuck to the speed limit it wouldn’t be necessary. We already have HGV’s and tractors exceeding the speed limit, coming so close to the narrow footpath on Newcastle Road.  If the footpath was extended from Padgbury Lane to Sandy Lane they could incorporate a cycle path.