PS018 – Prevent through traffic on Daven Road

My proposal is to close the rat run through the Grangeland Park Estate from Park Lane to Canal Road.By installing a suitable blockade at the Eastern end of Daven Road.


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    Traffic has been getting worse over the years. The speed humps are pretty useless.

    I think the current bumps should be sorted first, they’re awful for my car and in desperate need of repair!

    I understand the logic but it will have knock effects elsewhere. For example, will lead to horrendous queues at the top of Kennet Drive as anyone on the ‘wrong’ side of the estate wanting to head Biddulph direction or to moss lane will need to go to the top of Kennet Drive and turn right on to Park Lane which can take forever.  It will also force anyone from the Daven Road side of the barricade to go down Canal Road via the bottle neck at the bottom by burns garage if they want to go Buglawton direction.

    As a resident we need access from both Park Lane and Canal Street all that is required is speed humps on Thames Close to slow traffic on that section, apart from that all you will achieve is a traffic problem at the top of Kennet Drive and at the Daven Road entrances

    I didn’t expand in my earlier reply. Many years ago I campaigned for the road humps,which I partially got. I was told by a very officious man from the council that it was not a cut through.And furthermore traffic was unable to speed down Thames Close. A child had been knock down previously by a speeding car. The official was not concerned . I also pointed out the road is not very wide and in days when the wind is not blowing,exhaust fumes are noticeable and therefore bad for people with asthma and other breathing problems.

    Having lived on Thames close for 30 years I have seen numerous vehicles that would not have a business reason to be using the roads on Grangeland Park.

    It is simply a commonly used cut through. Additionally, at school open/closing time, the traffic increases significantly with no access to Daven Primary school from Park Lane side. If proposed measures to close Lawton Street go ahead then this residential street will become an even more heavily used service road.

    Plus, with Daven Road and Kennett Drive having traffic calming measures already in place this leads to increased speed on Thames Close naturally, again this will only be exacerbated with the current proposals.

    I don’t believe the current traffic calming measures in place are adequate but with further ill-conceived measures this problem will only get worse.

    Heavy Goods vehicles should be banned, they cut through because they cannot get under the bridge up Canal Street. There should be a weight limit, only heavy goods vehicles making deliveries on the estate allowed through.

    Its a winding road with several quite vicious speedbumps, so few people would choose it as a rat run. It connects two roads (Canal Road and Park Lane) that both run from the town centre to Mossley lights, so there’s little benefit in cutting through as you end up in the same place. It rarely gets HGVs unless they are delivering to the estate.

    I live on Avon Drive, unfortunately due to work I have to drive my children to school at Daven to attend breakfast club before I go to work. It is therefore extremly useful to me to be able to access Canal Road otherwise it would be a big detour in heavy traffic via Park Lane. I would also be concerned if the blockade was placed in the wrong position more traffic would use Avon Drive, which is even less able to cope with additional traffic. Some other measure should be sought though as the estate is used as an access road for the heavy construction vehicles for the new estate behind well spring.

    I have lived on Thames close for 28 years, and the traffic has increased dramatic & at speed ! But it’s very useful if the other roads are closed or roads works are in place.

    Drivers just need to slow down !

    Including motet bikes . There are speed bumps but I see vehicles just flying over them.

    Being a resident of Daven Road, I don’t agree with this proposal. What I do suggest is having a weight limit to stop HGV’s that aren’t delivering to households on the estate.

    It’s not been a true rat run since the speed bumps were put in many years ago. I feel this is unnecessary

    I live on Bollin Drive and look down on Thames Close and Kennet Drive and the volume of through traffic Is ridiculous, it is more like a main road not an estate road.

    It is being used as a link road across town between Park Lane and Canal Road.

    I have lived on Thames close for almost 29 years and would be delighted to see this estate ‘blocked off’.

    There is already a weight restriction in place which HGVs, Coaches and Buses ignore. After speaking to Cheshire East, they inform me that it is up to the police to enforce and after speaking to the police they say it is up to the council hence no one will accept responsibility, what is the point!

    If it were blocked off it might prevent the end of Daven being used as a car park for the Wharf pub (having sold its car park for housing) and overspill from the War Memorial.

    I would welcome any solution as at the moment it is like living on a busy main road.

    I live on Thames Close and asked Cheshire East to review the speed of vehicles using this road years ago. Whilst they listened nothing was done. There needs to be some way to slow vehicles down who accelerate down Thames Close. The volume of traffic using this road has increased significantly. The amount of heavy vehicles on the estate who are not delivering but using it as a cut through is getting ridiculous. We have witnessed  several cars sliding on the corner of Kennett and Thames due to taking this too quickly and several near misses over the years. Something needs to be done. This is not a safe residential road anymore.

    The biggest problems on this estate are caused by HGV and speeding. There is a 7.5t weight restriction sign at the top of Kennet drive but there does not appear to be one at the end of Daven Rd ??? surely the same road can’t have a weight restriction at one end and not the other? The large number of HGV’s using the road as a cut through have destroyed many of the speed bumps which have been poorly repaired. In my opinion the solution would be to ENFORCE the weight restriction and if thought necessary introduce a 20mph speed limit