Active Travel Congleton

Improving your health and wellbeing

Active Travel Congleton campaigns for safer roads and encourages people to make more journeys by foot or cycle and fewer journeys by car.

We are a non-profit Community Interest Company helping Cheshire East Council and Congleton Town Council make the best decisions for the health and wellbeing of the residents of Congleton. We also apply for funding whenever possible from organisations so that we can make the changes that you want.

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20mph limit could be coming to Congleton soon – please vote here

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Active Travel Congleton is a Community Interest Company and we campaign to enable more people to make more journeys by walking and cycling.

We want priorities changed particularly in the town centre in favour of people travelling by foot or cycle. This means creating more space for pedestrians and for low traffic neighbourhoods that will be safe for children to play in the street.

Courtesy: Denis Maddock