20 mph Survey

One of the most important benefactors of 20mph limits are children. How do we “value” their independence, their ability to walk or cycle to school, their right to lower pollution on the streets, the independence of their grandparents, their physical danger on our roads?  Cheshire East has the responsibility to set the correct local speed limits where the national speed limit is inappropriate. There is clear evidence that 30mph is inappropriate for where vulnerable road users mix with motor vehicles. This has now been endorsed by the General assembly of the UN. Surely if the council accepts the evidence, and there is plenty, that 20mph is the correct speed limit for where people mix with vehicles then it must plan for that to be the case. 20mph limits are not an option, they are a right for every child, every disabled person, every partially sighted person, every elderly person, every walker, every cyclist and every horse rider.  

Please fill in our survey form below and we will inform Congleton Borough councillors of the result.

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