Active Travel Congleton is a new non-profit Community Interest Company that has been setup by members of the Congleton Cycling Campaign who decided that we need to spread our area of interest to encompass walking because fundamentally our mission is to enable more people to make more journeys without using a car.

Being a regulated company means that we are eligible to receive funding from external sources and we need money to fund the various projects that we would like to see implemented in Congleton. But the main thing that we need is community support and ideas on what needs to happen to enable people to make fewer journeys by car. For example if Cheshire East Council would make the default speed limit for minor roads to be 20mph we would have safer, quieter streets and we would all be healthier.

The economic argument for being more active has been made in many academic journals. The NHS spends £10 Billion on type 2 diabetes which is generally  (not exclusively) caused by obesity and lack of exercise. We only need a small percentage of people to walk and cycle more often to save a huge amount of money. The main problem we face as a campaigning organisation is persuading our people that by giving pedestrians and cyclists a higher priority than vehicles within urban areas we are all safer and healthier and persuading our council to make it happen.

We need supporters. People who agree that we need to walk and cycle more while driving less or at least slower. We encourage residents to take a look at our Facebook page  to see what we are doing and trying to achieve. The website is very new and we expect it to develop over the next few weeks.