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DDA compliant access on Seddon Homes

The pictures show the plan and the reality on a Seddons Housing estate which is referred to as “Land west of Goldfinch Close, Congleton” the location shown on the plan shows a bridleway that runs from the top of Howey Lane to Lamberts Lane. The planning reference for those interested is 16/6144C 

I have asked Seddons if they will build a footpath (as is shown in the plan) that joins the Private Drive shown in the plan and the Bridleway so that wheelchair users and those with prams could easily access the bridleway.  There is plenty of room for a path as shown in this photograph.

Their reply was as follows:

“Ramped access – suitable for wheelchair users would be installed in situations where an acceptable alternative access was not provided.

In this instance – upon completion of the development the adoptable estate roads and PROW diversions will provide DDA compliant access to all points served by the steps. As such, whilst we appreciate your comments we will not be making any amendments to our current proposals.

The alternative route is a 500 metre detour via the roadway.

In looking at the PROW (Public Rights Of Way) document that forms part of the planning approval I have noted that it says

“The National Planning Policy Framework states that:  Plans should protect and exploit opportunities for the use of sustainable transport modes for the movement of goods or people. Therefore, developments should be located and designed where practical to…..
• give priority to pedestrian and cycle movements, and have access to high quality public transport facilities;
• create safe and secure layouts which minimise conflicts between traffic and cyclists or pedestrians”.

I think it is worth noting that included in the local transport plan objectives:

And here is a picture.

I wonder if in 10 years time the local transport plan will say a similar thing about the Seddons steps!.

If you think that better provision should be provided for wheelchair and pram users by a major house builder such as Seddons then please contact a Cheshire East Ward councillor:

Sally Ann Holland
George Hayes
Suzie Akers Smith

and express your views.


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