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Investing in Active Travel

Active travel is about your average  12 year old cycling to school, it’s about the disabled person able to cross the road with confidence and the parent with a double buggy being able to walk along the pavement without having to negotiate parked cars. It’s about your average person getting out and about.

Investing in active travel returns more than any other form of highways investment.  If you build a road you could argue that it does something for the economy but it does nothing for the environment and it does nothing for people’s health but if you build cycling and walking infrastructure you are investing in the local economy, investing in improving the environment and cleaning up the air, you are investing in people’s health and wellbeing and no other form of transport investment can make that argument.

But two things need to happen to make this a reality.

Major reform of public transport to enable the first and last mile of transport to be active travel. But public transport is currently not reliable enough and it is too expensive. This needs to change.

We also need change in the way public services work. We currently see medication as the default answer to health issues but we need to consider social prescribing. For example a “live well service” not just a GP referral service but a whole social service.  This must form part of the culture change that we need to see.

Where does Active Travel Congleton fit in.

The reason we have created a Community Interest Company is to be eligible to receive funding from public bodies for the various projects that are important to the community. We will conduct surveys to understand the issues that are important to the community that may be solved by active travel.

We will organise walking and cycling events to increase the confidence of people to get out. These social events will be beneficial for health and wellbeing.

We need lots of supporters so that we can get a representative sample of responses to our survey questions. By lots my hope is we can get over 1000 people interested in active travel.

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