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Objectives of a 20mph speed limit

The objective of implementing a 20mph speed limit is not to reduce the speed of vehicles, or to reduce air pollution or even to save lives – it is to make the environment a nicer, quieter place to live for the many who pay their taxes to fund the road but currently feel unsafe using it for walking or cycling.It is for parents to allow their children to play outside knowing that the risk of death is very much reduced. It is for the elderly and disabled who will be able to cross the road and not fear they will be killed or seriously injured in doing so. It is to encourage more people to make more journeys by walking and cycling because they perceive the road is a safer place to be. It is not to punish drivers but to enhance community cohesion and improve mental health by encouraging more people out of their cars so they can talk to their neighbours. It is to democratise the existing road space, improving the health and wellbeing of the whole community.
If you feel strongly about these issues then please write to your ward councillor or email:

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