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World Car Free Day

Tuesday, September 22nd is World Car Free Day.

World Car-Free Day encourages motorists to give up their cars for a day. The event promotes the improvement of public transport, cycling and walking. It also promotes the development of communities where jobs are closer to home and where shopping is within cycling or walking distance. Studies showed that for short trips, in towns like Congleton, one can reach some destinations more quickly using a bicycle or walking, rather than using a car. In the flatter parts of Congleton, like Hightown/Mossley and West Heath, where there are local shopping centres, you can easily walk or cycle to pick up your newspaper or pint of milk without resorting to using your car. Nowhere in those areas is more than 1 mile from the shops. Government guidance suggests that 25 minutes, which equates to 1 mile on foot or 3 miles on a bike, are well within the range of most people. So, why not give it a go for World Car Free Day?

In recent surveys conducted by Active Travel Congleton, some people stated that the level of vehicular traffic makes it frightening to walk or cycle for any local journey! Others said that they did not know about any quieter ways that they could use to get to and from the shops.

On 22 September, Active Travel Congleton, in conjunction with Congleton Cycling Campaign and Sustrans (the national organisation, which promotes sustainable and active travel) will begin a free ‘bike buddy’ scheme that will help you to use your car less in support of World Car Free Day. We will come to your house, check your bike to see that it is road worthy, and help you plan a route to your local shops. If you are happy with our plans, we will lead you on a ride to achieve your optimum trip. If you would rather walk, we can accompany you on a walk. We will continue to operate this bike/walking buddy scheme as long as demand exists.

Interested? Look at our website to get contact details or check out our Facebook page: Active Travel Congleton. Look too at the World Car Free Day webpage at

We really must use our cars less for local journeys. Our children and grandchildren will not remember us fondly if we do not.

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