Active Travel Congleton (ATC) is a private limited company. It is registered at companies house as a community interest company and it is limited by guarantee. That means we have no shareholders. Which in turn means we cannot issue dividends.

The directors of the company are tasked with operating the company in accordance with the community interest statement which reads:

“We/I, the undersigned, declare that the company will carry on its activities for the benefit of the community. Improving their health and wellbeing by identifying, encouraging and enabling safer travel routes for walking and cycling in and around Congleton, Cheshire and encouraging people by education and facilitating walking and cycling events to highlight the benefits.”

ATC is required to submit an annual statement to the regulator describing what has been done to benefit the community in the previous financial year.

Because ATC has no shareholders, no members other than the directors, and because our articles of association do not require it, ATC does not hold annual general meetings.

ATC does hold general meetings with our many supporters who give us valuable feedback on what is happening on Congleton and ideas on projects to pursue. Some of our supporters are also willing volunteers to which we owe a debt of gratitude – we could not do what we do without you.