16th August 2021

Cycle Buddies Scheme

People who want to resume cycling but lack confidence on the roads can now discover quiet routes and gain confidence with the help of Active Travel Congleton’s new Cycle Buddies scheme.
We offer help from those who regularly cycle around and across town and know the quick and quieter routes. We will ask a few questions about the type of journey someone wants to make, then pair them up with a DBS-checked cycling buddy as quickly as possible and arrange a time and place for a ride, probably starting from a home address for the first ride.
This scheme could appeal to those who are new to Congleton or those who’ve lived here a long while but are only aware of the high traffic routes even for those shorter journeys (to school, shops, library, dentist, work, railway station) where a bike is ideal. Full details of what we offer are on

Funding for the scheme is from a government (DEFRA) grant of around £22,000 that was awarded to Cheshire East (CE) council several years ago. The money was designated for projects to boost greener modes of transport following an air quality report but had been unused. Active Travel Congleton was asked to put together a report containing ideas for the council to spend this money on. The group’s report included proposals for improved signage to make residents more aware of quieter cycle routes to local facilities, cycle racks at popular destinations, and a Cycle Buddies scheme.
A detailed costing exercise resulted in CE agreeing to pay for the expenses incurred to set up and run the Cycle Buddies scheme. When each expense is incurred by ATC, it is repaid by CE from their agreed allocation capped at £1,400. Expenses have/will include insurance (the largest cost), DBS certificates for volunteers, training, publicity and administration. A full breakdown is available on request.
The group currently has seven cycle buddies and is looking for more volunteers to help with the scheme (details of the scheme: ) to sign up, see this page:

8th February 2021

Active Travel Congleton are to launch their Congleton Rickshaw Project this evening at 5pm. Please join the Teams meeting here

3rd February 2021

Cheshire East have opened their consultation programme for active travel proposals that include Congleton. You are invited to have your say on the proposals here.

14th January 2021

The draft Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) has been released. Please send any comments to or email us on

2nd December 2020

We are pleased to announce that Cheshire Police will be carrying out an ongoing close pass operation in Cheshire starting in Congleton on Thursday 3rd December.  A close pass operation involves a covert police cyclists equipped with body cameras who is in radio contact with officers in a car or motorbike. In the event of a close pass the cyclist officer radios to the officer in a car to stop the offending driver to offer some roadside education. The police have issued an official announcement about this operation.

Active Travel Congleton were consulted about this operation and our sincere thanks go to David Keane the Police and Crime Commissioner and members of the Road Crimes Unit of Cheshire Police. Active Travel Congleton have a number of examples of close passing on their YouTube channel

16th September 2020

Tuesday, September 22nd is World Car Free Day.

World Car-Free Day encourages motorists to give up their cars for a day. The event promotes the improvement of public transport, cycling and walking. It also promotes the development of communities where jobs are closer to home and where shopping is within cycling or walking distance. For more information please see our blog post

14th September 2020

Should cyclists pay road tax? Please take a look at our blog post

5th July 2020

Chris Boardman gives some facts about how people who cycle are actually normal here

4th July 2020

As of 15th June Cheshire East Council has made Bridge Street, Congleton a shared use space. Active Travel Congleton carried out an 11 day survey of the street and scored cyclists on their “responsibility”. The survey found that just 5% of people on bikes were dangerous and has made recommendations to Cheshire East Council and Congleton Town Council on possible ways to solve this problem. You can read the full report here

10th June 2020

Cheshire East have released their proposals to protect businesses and high street users in response to a governement statutory request to protect citizens and encourage people to make more journeys by walking or cycling. You can view the council’s plans here

1st June 2020

Active Travel Congleton website adds the “Have your say” section where anyone can add a marker on a map and make a comment. Others can vote and comment on the idea. Please take a look and have your say

29th May 2020

Congleton Town Council approve many of the proposals submitted by ATC including 20mph in the town centre zone, reduced speed limit on Broadhurst Lane, Pedestrian passing places within the town centre and advanced stop lines at the Mountbatten Way cross roads.

15th May 2020

ATC have submitted proposals to help mitigate the effects of Covid-19 and have also sumitted another document supporting the reasons why a 20 mph speed limit should be introduced.

4th May

Our survey results and a background of our proposals can be seen in our latest blog post.

5th April

The London Cycling Campaign recently organised a webinar on “Climate Safe Streets” it is really interesting and you can see a recording of it here

31st March

The digital worldbike conference is currently available to view. I think it will only be live for about 21 days so please take a look at some of the very interesting talks at

30th March

The government has released a new report called “Decarbonising Transport” There is a forward by Grant Shapps the transport secretary who writes “Public transport and active travel will be the natural first choice for our daily activities. We will use our cars less and be able to rely on a convenient, cost-effective and coherent public transport network.”  You can see the full report here

1st March 2020

Don’t forget to get along to Quinta School on 2nd March to see the Padgbury Lane mitigation plan. From 6pm to 7:30pm.