The Congleton Rickshaw Project

What could be nicer than to be taken for a free ride around Congleton Park or Astbury Mere in a rickshaw with somebody else doing all the work and all you have to do is admire the view and feel the wind in your hair. Maybe stop for a hot drink, maybe see some friends for a chat.

Active Travel Congleton (ATC) have setup an exciting project to provide a rickshaw service for people of all ages who are experiencing limited mobility or social isolation. This service will provide a “wind in your hair” experience, which is so important for improving mental health and wellbeing. Accessible cycling improves wellbeing, health, reduces isolation and increases independence.

The rickshaw has a hood and we can carry a blanket to keep our passengers warm and dry. Each passenger is strapped in using a 4-point harness and a convenient footstep can be raised and lowered for ease of access.

We will offer free rides around Congleton and especially rides around traffic-free areas such as Congleton Park, Astbury Mere and Biddulph Valley Way.

Find out more

To find out more about our project, to help either as an administrator or a pilot then please contact us at

Frequently asked questions regarding the rickshaw:

Q: How much will it cost to ride on the rickshaw?

A: The rickshaw is run by our community interest company and the riders are volunteers so we do not charge to ride on the rickshaw but donations would be most welcome.

Q. Will the rickshaw be travelling on the busy roads in Congleton?

A: We will always try to use light traffic side roads whenever possible but at times it maybe unavoidable and we may ride on short sections of main roads.

Q. Will you be offerring any traffic free rides?

A: Yes – we plan to offer rides around Congleton Park, Astbury Mere and also Biddulph Valley Way.

Q. How safe is the rickshaw?

A: We will try to make the rickshaw and your ride as safe as possible. Each passenger will be strapped in with seat belts. The rickshaw has a foot rest that can be raised and lower for safe access. The rickshaw will have daylight running lights and the driver will be wearing high visibillity clothing.

If you have any questions regarding rickshaw rides then please contact us at